Eve Avdoulos joins CADRE as an Urban Health and Wellness Visiting Scholar

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We are excited to welcome Eve Avdoulos as a visiting scholar to CADRE. Eve’s interests lie at the intersection of architecture, anthropology and urbanism, and she is particularly interested in the relationship between the materiality of the built environment and how it shapes, and is shaped by, the diversity of human activity. She maintains an interdisciplinary research approach in all of her work, drawing from methods and theories from various disciplines.

Eve completed her PhD in Architecture at the University of Cambridge where she was a researcher at the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research. Her dissertation considered the complexities and dynamics of urban decline in Detroit, Michigan and sought to better understand how the built urban environment affects and influences the every day lives of the city’s residents. Eve has published widely, given presentations about her work to audiences from around the world, and has a passion for teaching as she continues to supervise students at the University of Cambridge. Eve is an advocate for utilising the power of research to better understand and improve the built environment and is very excited to be joining CADRE.